Available January 24th, 2018!
Pokkle and Pipiro are two step-siblings living by themselves in the ho-hum village of Puck on the time-forgotten floating continent of Arges. Pokkle loves making terrible puns and wears a tail for funsies, and Pipiro loves buying fashionable clothes and has no filter whatsoever. Together, they meander through what seems to be a peaceful, monotonous existence in their sleepy little burg where nothing interesting ever happens.
Until something does, anyway! A mysterious masked figure shows up one night and steals six holy idols from the local shrine. The self-proclaimed “Archduke of Arges” tenders a hefty reward for their return, and our “brave” duo jumps at the chance to go find them – Pokkle for the glory, and Pipiro strictly for the cash moneys.
Their journey will take them to every last nook and cranny across the land and lead to confrontations with a wide variety of friends and foes, each more ludicrous than the last, as a sinister plot to revive an ancient “Demon Lord” unfolds and 500 years’ worth of history comes into focus. Can two 14-year-olds with limited abilities and almost no social skills truly save the day? Or is Arges just pretty much screwed?
Lore 'n Stuff
Did we mention yet that this game takes place on the floating continent of Arges? Because that’s pretty crucial here. Learn about the people you'll meet and places you'll go.
How We Play
What’s a game without gameplay? I’ll tell you what: a MOVIE! Hahaha! …But seriously, this is a supremely sweet game, so why not read up on what makes it such a swanky, satisfying experience?
Media 'n Freebies
There's a bunch of pretty pictures here. And moving pictures. And pictures to keep. Neat stuff like that. Check it out!